IE provide commercial, light industrial and heavy industrial construction capabilities. We have contributed in Ultra Large Industrial Projects such as Adani Power’s Siracha Power Plant (4620MW) India’s Largest and World’s third largest power plant of its Kind, TATA-Power’s Mundra Ultra mega Power Project- first of its kind of India, Mundra Port and SEZ ltd- India’s Largest Private Sector Port. IE also has worked with various other large industrial projects such as Akrimota Power Plant, Dagger Forst Tools Ltd’s Auto Ancillary Plants, Anchor Daewoo Industries Ltd., and Various other Industrial Projects. IE have an expertise in Mass Concrete Works, Water Retaining Structures, Industrial Buildings, Heavy machinery foundations, Design and Fabrication of Large Industrial Sheds, Mass Earthwork , Area Developments and Paving works for Ports and Backup Yards, Effluent and Water Treatment Plants and Material handling systems.

Commercial and Residential Construction

IE have experience in construction in various kinds of public buildings and residential buildings. Integration of various agencies is key in this kind of construction and with extensive resource that IE posses and great repute that IE has among Human Resource projects execution for client is made as easy as it can be.

Precast Construction

We have worked extensively to develop deep knowhow for the Precast based construction structures. Looking at Human resource bottleneck of the nation and need for timely execution, we have developed a team and resources to provide Precast solution for various construction needs.

Pricing arrangements

IE's pricing options include Tendering, lump sum, cost reimbursement with fee and target pricing with incentives to name a few.