We are working in the field of Automation through our Subsidiary “Silcore Technology” . Our prime focus is in the field of Industrial Automation, Process Instrumentation, CE, UL & RoHS Compliance device developments, Automation for Robotic designs, Cell Phone Network Based SCADA systems, PLC based systems, Biomedical Instruments development and Solar Power Automation Development. We do have Technical Skill in Embedded Systems of 8051 Family, ARM7 & ARM9 Family, CPLD & FPGA Family, Char LCD, Graphic LCD, Keypad, IR Remote (RC5), USB Pen Drive Interface, PC interfacing TCP/IP. Serial & USB Interface with hardware for monitoring & controlling, PLC based project execution with HMI, Servo Interface, 2G and 3G Based Communication systems and VB.net. C#.net, SQL Server Database application Software development with real time hardware interface.

For Further Details please check this website: www.silcore.in.

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